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Just to let you know that your ENVIROTILE has got to be the best tile of its kind on the market. I am in my 68th year with heart disease and I laid 800 tiles on my own, that is with getting the tiles on to the roof as well as all the cutting. I did this in 15 hrs over 3 days what with rain, old age, getting in the way. (If only Trevor could invent a new way to felt and batten then the roof would build itself ) The tiles are light and easy to handle just as long as you start square and true as best you can using timber. The way the tiles are designed to help with the gauge and snap together to a tight fit and only one fixing to hold down each tile is marvellous. The tiles are very robust and look extremely good in place. Also in my opinion they will not easily dislodged. To sum up with the labour saved on the build and maintenance for years to come, they look superb in place you just can't go wrong.

Barry Sharp  

It had become obvious to us that our outside buildings needed work on their roofs. The tiles were asbestos and fixing nails had corroded making them lose and susceptible to lifting and slipping off in high winds. The internet provided information on replacement tiles but my husband did not find any that fulfilled his requests for environmentally friendly products. He search continued and he 'found' Envirotile developed by The Green Roof Company. Consultations later and a site visit resulted in a date arranged to start the project.Four men arrived and began the daily work of stripping the old tiles from the roof.A membrane was laid and flattened down before the Envirotiles were fixed. Five days later a transformation has happened and the roof is finished it is SUPERB! The Green Roof Company has certainly researched and developed a product which must be in the forefront of saving the environment. It uses waste products i.e plastics in its tile. It is light in weight, fireproof, strong and very pleasing to look at.Its fixing requires skill as does all tiling but the product is user friendly too in that there is no weight in carrying them up to the roof tops. They are easily sawn to sizes required and the tiler can walk on them with confidence as they can easily bare his weight. A product and an efficient, friendly sensitive company working to the customer needs. They can be well recommended by us and we hope to see the company expand and that we will use Envirotile and its subsequent developments of Solar tiles all over the UK. Thank you Green Roof.

Janet & Richard Russell

I would like to formally thank you and your company for a really first-class job. It was a pleasure to meet you and your team and have them work on our project.Your revolutionary new roof tile has been fitted to a roof with a pitch of less than 10 degrees. Probably a worlds first! Your product has completely transformed the look of our home for the better. Gone is the tatty 40 year old felt covering, that the previous owners and myself thought was the only option for our style of roof.Rolled-seam zinc or a living roof were options, but completely out of our price bracket. Now we are the proud owners of the finest roof in our area (in our opinion) and for a similar cost of conventional felt. The Green Roof Tile product not only looks the part (they actually look like slate from the ground) but will out last a traditional felt covering by at least 3 or 4 times. Saving even more money in the future.Once again, I can't thank you enough. It was our good fortune to see your stand at the Ecobuild show last February. Elaine and myself wish you all the best for the future. We know there is a ready market out there. If any future customer wishes to see your tiles in 'situ', they are welcome to view our roof by appointment.

Kevin Banks



Green Sustainable Products Company Ltd

I arrived at the Envirotile when confronted with a leaking conservatory and got fed up with adjusting cut polycarbonate sheets on a fairly complicated roof with a ridge and hips to try to solve the problem, without success. Having got quotes for replacing the roof, replacing the whole conservatory, or even re-fitting the existing, I concluded I wanted a proper roof with tiles and proper insulation. Then I looked in to the weight of slate tiles and realised this wasn't an option and then started researching roofing solutions using Google. Eventually I stumbled across the Envirotile. Now I'm not someone who gets particularly excited by roofing products, but these really are ingenius ! They are light, durable, flexible and clip together (so are very secure). In fact so secure they are likely to be the only thing still attached to the roof in the event of a hurricane ! They were installed by a local roofing firm, who took less time than they originally quoted me for (though alas didn't reduce the price) and also thought they were brilliant to handle and cut. Had I been braver I could have done it myself. The end result is fantastic and I have had them in place now for over two years and they receive a lot of compliments - they look exactly like a black slate roof, but better ! I used lead on the hips and ridges and it looks very good (ironically the lead cost more than the tiles....). I can't recommend these enough and they deserve all the design awards they have received. The icing on the cake is that they are also enviromentally friendly, both in terms of the material used and transport costs as they are very light, though this wasn't a key buying criteria for me, it is nice to know anyway and a good talking point when I have visitors!

Chris Jones

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