Envirotile Benefits

Storm Proof Roof Tiles

Enviromentally Sustainable Leading Performance

  • Outstanding test results pr EN15601 conducted at BRE – Over 5 times better performing than conventional tiles or slates fitted with standard clip fixings
  • Conforms to BS:5534-2014
  • Conforms to BS15087:2005
  • External Fire Exposure Roof Test conducted to BS476-3 – EXT.S.AA
  • External Fire Exposure Roof Test conducted to DD CEN/TS 1187 test 4 – B Roof t4
  • Manufactured in the UK using reliably sourced materials
  • Maintains integrity at a minimum low pitch of 12.5°, a vast improvement compared to current market leaders producing concrete/slate tile products
  • Durable, robust and fully resistant to mould, moss and fungus
  • No waste – It is fully recyclable, assisting with considerate constructors initiatives

Envirotile: Reduces Build Costs

  • Designed with the labourer in mind this system is so much easier to handle and at least 25% quicker to fit
  • Lightweight, Envirotile is 80% lighter than a standard concrete tile. It weighs just 8.4 kilos per square metre in contrast with cement or natural slate products that weigh on average 50 kilos
  • Less weight results in cheaper transportation, reduced CO² transport emissions and less structural requirement on roofing supports
  • Unbreakable, eliminating the need for excess to cover breakages during transportation and fitting
  • No eave courses required due to the innovative design, saving on overall material cost

Envirotile: Genuinely Sustainable

  • Made from environmentally sustainable products otherwise destined for landfill
  • Encourages the need to recycle
  • Complies with the Code for Sustainable Homes http://www.breeam.org/index.jsp
  • Offers a genuine alternative to meet the growing public demand for more sustainable build options
  • Completely recyclable at the end of life

Envirotile: More Secure

  • Unbreakable and fixed and interlocked in eight places, making it significantly more vandal and burglar proof.

Envirotile Bre Weather Test

Storm Proof Roof Tiles

The Development of Envirotile

Storm Proof Roof Tiles

Tiled Conservatory Roof

Storm Proof Roof Tiles

Storm Proof Roof Tiles

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