Envirotile Ancillaries

Dry Verge 3m

Bundle of 6

Easy to fix continuous dry fixed verge unit which overlaps and envelopes tiles at gable ends securely, making watertight.
Eliminates the use of mortar which reduces installation time and improves the overall gable end appearance of the verge.
Designed specifically for Envirotile but sold as a universal product which can be used with other tile/slate roof covering products with a 10-14mm thickness.

Length: 3 metres

Anthracite GSPDV301
Dark Brown GSPDV303
Terracotta GSPDV304

Envirotile Dry Verge

Available for use with this product:
GSPGEC01/02/03/14: Gable End Cap
GSPDVB01/03/04: Dry Verge Bracket Connector