Cowl Ventilated Envirotile

Envirotile Lightweight Cowl Tile Vent

Envirotile cowl vent for use with Envirotiles.

For low pitch roof installation of ≥ 15°
  • Designed to be unobtrusive – the tile simply integrates with standard Envirotile
  • Supplied exclusive for Envirotile use in our dedicated colour range
  • Offering 10k of natural air ventilation & mechanical extract specifically designed for low pitched roof requirements
  • Fully compliant to BS: 5250-2002 & BR Document C
  • For 5mm continuous airflow opening install at 2 x meter centre spacing
  • For 10mm continuous airflow opening install at 1 x meter centre spacing

Envirotile Cowl Vent Tile

N.B.  Ventilation must comply to BS:5250-2002.  Ventilation methods vary and are determined by type of property and roof type applications.  If in doubt please request assistance from our Technical Team.

Envirotile Cowl Vent Tile

Anthracite: GSPCV10/1
Slate Grey: GSPCV10/2
Dark Brown: GSPCV10/3
Terracotta: GSPCV10/4
Slate: GSPSCV10

Envirotile Cowl Vent Tile

Available for use with these products:
STR110: Square to Round Pipe Adaptor 110mm
FHK112: Flexi Tube & Clips 112mm

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