Envirotile Eaves Fixing Bar

Envirotile Eave Bar/Starter Rail

The eave bar is an integral part of the Envirotile Roof System.
This patented device secures the first course/row of roof tiles to the main roof structure.
Simply screw into the head of the fascia board and connect the swivel bar housing to the underside of Envirotile with a ‘push in’ motion to the underside of the roof tile nibs.
The eave bars are designed to saddle the fascia board over eave trays.

Eave bars offer maximum protection against wind uplift.

Length : 1m

Please consult our installation brochure for fixing instructions which is available here.

Envirotile Starter Rail

Fascia Eave Fixing Bar: GSP05
Available for use with these products:
GSP01/02/03/04 & GSPSS: Envirotile & Envirotile Slate
GSPDT01/02/03/04 & GSPSD & GSPSH: Envirotile Double Tile & Envirotile Double/Half Tile Slate


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