Envirotile Ancillaries Envirotile Hip End Cap 2Envirotile Ancillaries Envirotile Hip End Cap

Hip End Cap

Mechanically dry fixed hip foot/end cap for use with the hip cap on smaller hipped roof structures.

Simply fix by manually interlocking with an angular hip section with a push & clip method then align to hip and screw in place.

Part of our universal ridge system which can be used with other types of roof coverings.

Length: 180mm
Width: 150mm
Height: 70mm

Box of 120

Anthracite: GSPCF01
Slate Grey: GSPCF02
Dark Brown: GSPCF03
Terracotta: GSPCF04
Available for use with these products:
GSPHR01/02/03/04: Angular Hip Cap
GSPH150: Aluminium Hip Roll
GSPCRS01/02/03/04: Ridge to Apex Cover
GSPSCS01/02/03/04: Screw Cover Caps Small
SS70S: 70mm Stainless Steel Hip Fixing Screws


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